Buttsnax Sexwagon


Hello. My name is Buttsnax Sexwagon. I write stories about planes and detectives and ghosts and ghost detectives* and also sometimes men doing gay things.**

*Detectives who detect ghosts, not ghosts who are detectives. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

**I may write a story about a wizard but please don't talk about it as I am afraid of wizards.

This journal is mainly used as a storing house for my writing. If you want more commentary and pictures of planes you may visit my Tumblr.

My fandoms:

-BBC's Sherlock (I mainly ship Sherlock/John but I write about other pairings from time to time.)

-Supernatural (I do not watch the show because it is bad but I hear it features ghost detectives.)

-Planes (just planes)

I like:



-Sex things (maybe)

I don't understand:


-The F-35 project (very upsetting)

-Wizards (terrible)

-Social contracts

-Fluid dynamics (working on this)


-What it means when two men make eye contact in a public restroom and one of them exposes his penis to the other (some sort of code?)


-Non-fiction that does not cite its sources

-Non-fiction that does cite its sources but when those sources have not been peer-reviewed

I am a serious writer. Please direct any questions you may have at my inbox and I will try to answer them.